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January 6, 2019

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January 6, 2019

We have all failed.

We are all failing.

We are all going to fail. 

Some of us will get up on our feet. 

Some will stay on the ground.

What did you do today that you did not do yesterday?

What did you wear today that you haven't worn before?

When I think about all those awful outfits I have worn in the past...

When I look at my haircut from my wedding...

I feel confident in dressing the way I do, whether it is by putting on a tie when NO ONE in my company, one thousand strong, not even the CEO wears one;

Whether it is buy getting a tattoo, a new earring, necklace, shoes...

The reason I fee...

January 4, 2019

Well, unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of men worldwide are simply unaware of the importance and I daresay power of a good outfit. Most of them say they don’t care about fashion. Some will, however, admit that they do understand the advantages of looking good (i.e. The Beauty Premium) but they simply don’t know how and what they can\need\should do about it.

This is the very heart of the answer to this question as it leads to the fact that most men shop (if they shop for themselves at all, that is) with little or no sartorial knowledge or understanding.

As this is the case...

January 18, 2018

I truly love winter. Sure it's cold, wet, dark - but it offers so many interesting  opportunities...

Don't you just love winter? Well, I do. I dunno, there's just something about those rainy gray days that adds more character to the world. Sure it's cold, wet, dark - but it offers so many interesting  opportunities.

For start, it's exactly when the outside looses its colors and turns black and gray that we get our chance to shine. Don't dress with dark depressing colors - you're not John Snow! Instead throw some vibrant yellow, orange and light blue into the mix.

Second, the...

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