My Quora answer for: Why are clothing options for men so limited?

January 4, 2019

Well, unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of men worldwide are simply unaware of the importance and I daresay power of a good outfit. Most of them say they don’t care about fashion. Some will, however, admit that they do understand the advantages of looking good (i.e. The Beauty Premium) but they simply don’t know how and what they can\need\should do about it.


This is the very heart of the answer to this question as it leads to the fact that most men shop (if they shop for themselves at all, that is) with little or no sartorial knowledge or understanding.


As this is the case, the fashion industry is shaped in order to accommodate this paradigm. It is no surprise then, that clothing manufacturers will generally not go to great lengths and most of the time make the same ol’ items with only slight differences.


Fashion designers, on the other hand, are artists (well, the best ones in any case). So they are driven by something else - their artistic desires and the need to keep pushing the boundaries and to re-invent themselves. So ever-so-often we do get to see something new on the shelf.


But I feel that changes are coming. You can see it has in fact already begun in the holy of holies of the manly world - Sports in general, and football (soccer for the Americans among you) in particular.


Up until a decade or so, most sports stars used to dress just like the rest of us mere mortals. In recent years, however, we can see many of them in stylish clothes and designer suits, wearing studded earrings, displaying numerous tattoos…

Just look at men like Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, Kelly Oubre, David Beckham, Neymar Jr., Victor Cruz etc.




Being the role models that they are, it is no surprise that change is slowly happening. It will take some time, but I believe there is a very good reason to hope that changes are coming (just like winter).




If you are a man reading this, and you sympathize with the problems listed above, and you feel you would like to know how\what\when to look and dress better, then I would like to invite you to check out my Udemy course:


“Styling Masterclass for Men: Become a Top Dresser”


Peace and Love to all




Confused about how to build an outfit? Not sure how to dress better?

Feel like you need some help with you style, confidence and first impression?


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