January 1, 2019

Some say that with age come many great things: 

Experience - sure, though as "The Seer" from History Channel's Vikings said: "we rarely learn anything from experience".

Wisdom - I guess it's true. Though think about how many startup brainiacs you've heard of that were over 30 when they first started.

One thing is for sure - as far as the majority of men are concerned, with age comes (rather goes) the hair.


BUT! as it turns out, bald dudes are perceived as more intelligent, dominant, and overall sexier than men who have a full head of hair. Or so says Dr. Frank Muscarella from Barry University in Florida.


Interested in why baldness is still a thing, even though it’s seen as such a horribly negative thing, Muscarella set out on a noble quest to find out why the baldness trait hasn’t been bred out of humans yet.


In his study, Muscarella and his team asked participants to rate a selection of men in four domains: physical attractiveness, aggressiveness, appeasement, and social maturity, which included factors like honesty, intelligence, and social status.



Once he crunched the numbers, he found that generally, people perceive bald dudes as more honest, intelligent, and dominant, which are obviously all good things. However, there is one bit of bad news – baldness decreases perceived physical attractiveness just a touch, but no matter.


The increase in the other domains cancels that out.“It could be speculated that although the characteristic of baldness decreases a man’s perceived physical attractiveness, it increases his perceived social dominance,” Muscarella told Daily Mail.


“Studies have shown baldness in men is seen as a non-threatening form of social dominance. There is a large body of literature that shows that although women like physically attractive men, they are also very attracted to signs of high social dominance.”



Looking like Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel looks like a good way to go, wouldn't you say?







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