Rami Malek Is All Kinds of Mustachio'd Handsome in His First Photo as Freddie Mercury

December 29, 2018

Bohemian Rhapsody, the upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic, sounds like a strange animal, if for no other reason than it's being helmed by director Bryan Singer, whose signature X-Men films have been, well, hit-or-miss. So what he does with a biopic, a genre prone to both huge flops and smashing success, should be...interesting.



But one clean-cut exciting thing was the news that Rami Malek would play Freddie Mercury.


It's hard enough to rock a mustache properly, even for someone as stylish as Malek, and though he's a breakout star on Mr. Robot, it'll be a big gear-change to go from morphine-addled hacker to someone with the energy and charisma of Mercury.




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Source: www.gq.com

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