How to Make Working Out in January Suck Less

December 30, 2018

Some things never change, i.e. eating and drinking too damn much all December long, then promising yourself you’re going to be healthier in January.


But just because you’re doing what you’ve always done, doesn’t mean your approach can’t change. This year, we say focus on making exercise and healthy habits more fun.


Get off the treadmill and try a new workout. Worry less about abs and more about actually feeling good (and if abs will get you there, then great!).


And for the love of all that is moisture-wicking, don’t just wear black and gray to the gym. These are wild style years, “OMG I can’t believe they dressed like that” years, and your gym clothes deserve a slice of the action.


So, buy some colorful wind pants or a tie-dye T-shirt, maybe even a fanny pack, and let it remind you that breaking a sweat at 7 AM can be just as fun as eating and drinking too much at 7 PM. Almost.


Try these out:


















Still unsure what to do when you go to the gym?

Feel like you need some help with you style, confidence and first impression?


You are welcome to check out my services here. See you there!

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